Where to Watch Thursday Night Football: Your Ultimate Viewing Guide

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Ramadan day 1 to 30 quotes: The A - Z Guide

Ramadan day 1 to 30 quotes: I have gathered inspirational words and passages from the Quran for each day of Ramadan. This essay is a gift to you to motivate you as the month of Ramadan approaches in 30 days.

Ramadan day 1 to 30 quotes

Ramadan is a fasting month marked by religious and spiritual zeal. 
From dawn until dusk, Muslims worldwide abstain from eating and drinking. 
Muslims also say specific prayers and engage in particular Ibadaats, such as:

  • The highly rewarded actions ensure that they get the most out of this holy month.

Why should we know Ramadan day 1 to 30 quotes? 
Because making Dua is one of the essential activities Muslims perform during this holy month to petition Allah and seek His blessings. 
As a result, in addition to the regular Ramadan Duas, Muslims might repeat various supplications while fasting. 
In this regard, we have worked hard to prepare a list of 30 Ramadan supplications for its readers to use during the month of Ramadan.

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Ramadan: divided into three portions or phases

According to this hadith, Ramadan is split into three halves, termed Ashras. 
Mohammad, the Prophet said: "Ramadan is the month whose beginning is mercy, whose middle is forgiveness, and whose end is freedom from fire."
With the help of this hadith, I divided the Qur'an's inspirational phrases and verses into three parts—Ashras.
Mercy is the first Ashra of Ramadan.
According to the hadith, the month of Ramadan begins with kindness. What is the reason behind this?
Ramadan is a journey, and like all journeys, it is not without its ups and downs. 
To follow your path, you must first practice self-compassion and soften your heart. 
Self-love is the gateway to Beloved's Love.
That is why, during this journey, you must cultivate a positive relationship with yourself. 
Practice mercy so that you might sense God's mercy for you on your life's path. 
That is why, first and foremost, we begin with mercy.

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Ramadan's first Ashra is about kindness

Ramadan day 1 to 30 quotes
Before listing Ramadan day 1 to 30 quotes, we have to know that Ramadan begins with kindness according to hadith. I'm not sure why?
Ramadan is a trip, and it, like all journeys, has its ups and downs. 
You must first practice self-compassion and soften your heart before you can proceed in your path. 
The door to the Beloved's Love is via self-loving.
That is why, during this trip, you must cultivate a good relationship with yourself. 
Practice mercy so that you might experience God's kindness for you on your life's path. 
That's why, first and foremost, we begin with mercy.

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Ramadan day 1 to 30 quotes: From day 1 to 10

Ramadan day 1:

“Call upon me, I will respond to you.” Qur’an (40:60)

Ramadan day 2:

“Speak a good word or remain silent.” Prophet Muhammed

Ramadan day 3:

“Indeed, good deeds wipe out the evil deeds” Qur’an (11:114)

Ramadan day 4:

"When the world goes to sleep, God is the One who is awake with you. God sees the tears you hide with smiles, and He embraces the pain you think no one would understand. "Not even an atom's weight in the heavens or the earth remains hidden from Him" (34:3).”

Ramadan day 5:

“It is not the eyes that are blind, but the hearts.” Qur’an (22:46)

Ramadan day 6:

“Do not despair of the mercy of Allah.” Qur’an (39:53)

Ramadan day 7:

“Indeed, God will not change the conditions of people until they change what it is in themselves.” Qur’an (13:11)

Ramadan day 8:

“He is the most merciful of those who show mercy.” Qur’an (12:64(

Ramadan day 9:

“Do not be afraid. I am with you, all-hearing and all-seeing.” Qur’an (20:46)

Ramadan day 10:

“Allah likes those who are thankful.” Qur’an (19:9(

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Forgiveness: the second Ashra of Ramadan

Ramadan day 1 to 30 quotes
In light of talking about Ramadan day 1 to 30 quotes, we came at this point to talk about the middle days of Ramadan.
They questioned Rabi'a. One day if a person who had done terrible things repented, would God accept their repentance?
Rabi'a said that if God did not provide the individual the ability to repent, they would not repent. 
God has already forgiven them so that they can repent.
Being conscious allows you to repent and seek pardon. 
Only those who are patient enough to see their wrongdoings can beg pardon. 
God's kindness may be seen in this.
When your heart is heavy with grief, and you plead for forgiveness, remember that Ramadan begins with mercy. 
Have mercy on yourself and be satisfied with the fact that you are conscious enough of your sins to seek forgiveness.
Only in a secure environment can you be susceptible. 
You'll need this haven if you're going to be bold enough to open up. 
So that you may gradually remove your mask. 
First, you'll notice that you're wearing masks, then you'll realize that you're wearing a lot of shows, then you'll hold space for your sadness over all the covers you've worn, and finally, you'll let go of those masks and be free.

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Ramadan day 1 to 30 quotes: From day 11 to 20 

Ramadan day 11:

“Allah is with those who restrain themselves.” Quran (16: 128)

Ramadan day 12:

“The strong man is not a good wrestler; the strong man is only the one who controls himself when he is angry.” Prophet Muhammad

Ramadan day 13:

“To exercise patience and forgive is proof of genuine courage.” Qur’an (42:43(

Ramadan day 14:

“Indeed, what is to come will be better for you than what has gone by.” Qur’an (93:4(

Ramadan day 15:

“If you are grateful, I will give you more.” Qur’an (14:7(

Ramadan day 16:

“For Allah loves those who put their trust in Him.” Qur’an (3:159(

Ramadan day 17:

“You have power over all things.” Qur’an (3:26(

Ramadan day 18:

“My Lord grants me courage.” Quran (20:25(

Ramadan day 19:

“On no soul do we place a burden greater than it can bear.” Qur’an (23:62(

Ramadan day 20:

"I choose faith over anxiety, hope over worry, love over fear."

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Freedom from fire: the third Ashra of Ramadan

Ramadan day 1 to 30 quotes
You already know the basis of our conversation about Ramadan day 1 to 30 quotes on this topic.
We mentioned to you in the previous paragraphs from day 1 to 20, and now it is about to talk the final ten days.
The third Ashra is the last ten days of Ramadan, and it is at this time that the night of power occurs.
The last ten days of Ramadan are for introspection and serious thought, as well as becoming closer to oneself and the One. 
It's time for your heart to combine the seeing and knowing, and Love will emerge from there.

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Ramadan day 1 to 30 quotes: From day 21 to 30 

Ramadan day 21:
Seek the vital power that exists within your soul. 
There is a jewel hidden in the mountain of your body; find it. 
If you're looking for That, don't go outside; instead, go inside and look for it. Rumi
Ramadan day 22:

“Whoever Allah wishes to show goodness, He gives him an understanding of the religion.” [Sahih Bukhari: 71]

Ramadan day 23:

“They plot and plan and Allah plans too. Little do they know; Allah is the best of planners.” Qur’an (8:30(

Ramadan day 24:

“Allah is the all-knowing each and everything Qur’an (2:282(

Ramadan day 25:

“We shall show them Our signs on the horizons and in their souls.” Qur’an (41:53(

Ramadan day 26:

“So flee to God.” Qur’an (51:50(

Ramadan day 27:

"Seek guidance from Me, and I will guide You."Hadith Qudsi

Ramadan day 28:

“It is He who enables you to travel on Land and Sea.” Qur’an (10:22)

Ramadan day 29:

“Even if all the trees on earth were pens, and the ocean inks, with seven more oceans added to it, the words of Allah would not be exhausted: for Allah is infinite in power and wisdom” Qur’an (31:27)

Ramadan day 30:

“Grant light to my soul.” Ibn Arabi

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Beautiful Ramadan quotes wishes

Send quotes about Ramadan to your friends and family! Since people fast and pray during the Ramadan season, these Ramadan Mubarak Quotes encourage and might inspire
Don't be shy about sending these Ramadan Quotes to your pals on the other side of the world to let them know you're thinking of them during this holy month.
Ramadan is coming quotes may be one of the following examples:

  • "When this month, one of the great blessings approaches my dear Ramadan Mubarak- prepare to enrich your life with Allah's blessings, as well as the grace of Allah."

  • "I'm hoping that when you stroll down the street, overflowing joy will certainly find you. "Ramadan Mubarak!" says the narrator.

  • "When everyone abandons us in our trials, Allah is the one who aids us and remains with us!" "Kareem Ramadan!"

  • "May this festival promote calm beyond the earth, allowing light to enlighten the world and also expanding wishes in the hearts of all Muslims." Ramadan Mubarak!

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